Vay Updated

Based on your feedback and suggestions, we've released a free update to make Vay even better! Version 1.1 adds:

  • NEW: In-game and buy/sell menus include brief text descriptions.
  • NEW: Buy and equip menus include indications of which party members can equip.
  • NEW: Bonus menu contains goodies for those who've completed the game.
  • NEW: Controls and settings over autosave and autoresume.
  • NEW: Smarter tap detection makes it easier to talk to townspeople.
  • NEW: Townspeople movement can now be enabled/disabled in settings.
  • FIXED: Original Battle Sprite option.
  • PARTIAL FIX: In some situations, all iPhone/iPod audio may fail during video playback, causing video to skip. Numerous causes of this bug have been worked around. Users who encounter this problem are advised to reboot their device.

Note on updating:
Please use the update mechanism in iTunes or the App Store. Reinstalling (or uninstalling and then reinstalling) may erase your saved games.